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1 million likes for Saitej's three dubbed films!

1 million likes for Saitej’s three dubbed films!

Hindi translation of Telugu heroes’ films will have a good craze in the north. Although these are not theatrical releases, they are especially popular when broadcast on satellite channels and on YouTube. Millions of people not only watch them but also like and admire them. Both the films starring Sayidharm Tej have already received 1 million likes. In the middle of that was Sai Tej తేజ్ ఐ ల‌వ్ యూ Cinema సుప్రీమ్ ఖిలాడీ -2 The name was dubbed in Hindi. As well as ప్ర‌తి రోజూ పండ‌గే Even the movie హ‌ర్ దిన్ దివాలీ Dubbed by name. Both the films have garnered millions of views as well as one million likes. The latest Saitej movie చిత్ర‌ల‌హ‌రి Hindi version ప్రేమ‌మ్ Also joined the same list. In that sense, Sai Dharam Tej is slowly gaining a foothold in the North. If it continues like this, it should come as no surprise that this mega family hero is also planning a Pan India movie in the coming days!

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