2 killed in US shooting; 7 people were injured

Portland: Two people were killed in a series of shootings in Portland, USA; Seven people were injured.
There has been an increase in shooting incidents in the United States over the past few years. Many parties continue to speak out against this gun culture. In Portland, Oregon, there were four shooting incidents in the early hours of yesterday.

A senior police official said:

It was first reported at around 2:10 a.m. that some mysterious people had opened fire in the downtown area of ​​the city. We rushed to the scene. Seven people there were rescued with serious injuries. One of them died at the hospital without treatment. The attackers fled the scene.

Shortly afterwards a shooting incident took place in another part of the city. No one was injured in the attack. Four hours later, two more gunfire erupted. One of them died. An injured woman is being treated at a hospital in Portland. There have been more than 570 shootings so far this year.

Thus he said.

Customer shooting

A 21-year-old customer who recently drove to a McDonald’s restaurant in the US state of Maryland ‘ordered’ food and parked the car without giving way to the next car. The staff is also intimidated. The police instructed the man to leave. However he did not ask for it. Police later saw a handgun inside the car and alerted the man. At one point he was killed in a police shooting.



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