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2 more vaccines to prevent Govt: PM Modi addresses nation

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that vaccine is the only weapon we have to fight the Govt epidemic and that there will be two more vaccines to prevent Govt.
Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation today. Then he spoke:
India is fighting hard against the Corona 2nd wave. In it, India has faced various difficulties. Many have lost loved ones. I offer my condolences to them. This is the greatest disaster of the last century. The modern world has never seen a disaster like Govt.

We acted quickly in setting up hospitals. We are building new health infrastructure. Oxygen demand was unpredictable in April and May. Oxygen was brought in by train aircraft tankers and the demand was met.We acted on a wartime basis. Troops were deployed to help the people. Production of essential medicines increased rapidly. We have strengthened the health infrastructure in 1.5 years to deal with the Govt impact.

Kovit is the greatest enemy of mankind. The biggest weapon against the cove is to carry out preventive measures. Mask, adherence to social space is essential. The vaccine is the only weapon to prevent corona. There are only a few vaccine companies in the world. We have saved many by a vaccine made in India. It was the vaccine that helped fight the 2nd wave. Initially our vaccine movement was slow. Govt has caused the greatest tragedy of the 21st century.

Some vaccines were introduced for children. The question of how India is going to save its citizens has dragged on in many countries. Our scientists have confirmed that India is working with the world. Today, 23 crore people have been vaccinated. We must have faith in ourselves. India has faith in our scientists. 2 more vaccinations are coming soon to prevent cowpea in one more year.
Thus spoke the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Modi has addressed the nation 8 times so far since the spread of Govt in India. He spoke about the spread of corona and the measures being taken by the government to control it, the government’s concessions to the affected sectors and vaccination. Currently speaking for the 9th time. The number of people affected by corona has dropped to one lakh yesterday.



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