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20 kg of rice if vaccinated: Arunachal officer’s attempt succeeds!

Itanagar: Yalali is a small hill station in the Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. Only 12,000 people live here in total. Of these, 1,400 were over 45 years of age.

Most of the villagers were not interested in vaccinating people over 45 years of age to prevent the spread of Govt. In addition, rumors of a vaccine have hampered vaccination efforts.

Following this, the village administration went door to door to create awareness among the people and vaccinate them. As a result, 84 percent of them are currently vaccinated. However, only 209 people had not yet been vaccinated.

As a solution to this situation, Yalali Governor Tashi Wangchu announced that 20 kg of rice will be provided free of cost to those who are vaccinated from June 7 to 9. The announcement was well received by the villagers. The villagers stood in a long line and were vaccinated. It is said that not only people over the age of 45 but also those over the age of 18 are now eagerly vaccinated.

latest tamil news

Governor Tashi Wangshu said, ‘The villagers firmly believed that there would be deaths within 2 years if the vaccine was given. In addition, many men do not come forward to be vaccinated because they should not drink alcohol for a few days. So I announced a plan to provide 20 kg of rice for free. Everyone was vaccinated. This became possible because some rich people accepted the cost of buying 20 kg of rice.



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