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3000 relief for Asha employees

Bangalore: Chief Minister Eduyurappa has said that the Asha staff involved in the corona prevention work will be commended for their services and will be given relief of Rs 3,000.

Chief Minister Eduyurappa spoke via video conference as he was at his home in Bangalore with Asha health workers involved in the Corona mission. Speaking at the time, he said, ‘There is no word to appreciate the service of the Asha employees who risked their lives during the Corona period. Your service will be honored and a relief of Rs 3,000 each will be given, ‘he said. Asha staff said,’ People are scared as the corona infection is on the rise.

This made it difficult to bring the infected to the hospital. At present the situation is changing and people are cooperating. In some places, even though the villagers are ready to be vaccinated, there is no vehicle to take them away, ‘said Sivalingamma from Ramnagar. I took my husband to be vaccinated. Seeing this, they also got vaccinated, ‘said Asha staff from various districts.



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