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3rd wave scientist warns in UK

London: Ravi Gupta, a scientist of Indian descent, has said that there are early signs of the Corona 3rd wave in Britain.

In India, the impact of the 2nd wave has begun to subside. The full easing is set to take effect on June 21 following a complete decline in the UK. In this case, the impact of the virus P1.617 has increased. The number of people infected with the virus has doubled in the past week alone.

Ravi Gupta, a scientist of Indian descent in Britain, said the 3rd wave had begun in Britain and that the easing should be postponed. He is a professor at the University of Cambridge and a member of the Anti-Virus Advisory Council.

The media there has published information about the report given to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It said that the virus, which was detected in India, is now spreading in the UK. Although the spread may seem small on the surface, it is likely to explode suddenly, as it did in India.

However as many people are being vaccinated the pace will not be as fast as the previous waves. It is also not right to exclude relaxations for that. Therefore, the implementation of the relaxation should be postponed. Adampin, another adviser to the government, also said the easing of restrictions was unacceptable. Secretary of State for Environment George Justice said a decision on easing the restrictions would be made on June 14.



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