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A 7-year-old boy who was rescued by his father and sister who fell into the river

FLORIDA: Praise has been heaped on a 7-year-old boy who fought for an hour to save his father and sister who fell into a river and arranged for help.

Stephen Bowst, a native of Florida, USA, went fishing with his 7 – year – old son, Chase, and 4 – year – old daughter Abigail. In it, the boat capsized and the trio plunged into the water. The girl was alone, wearing a safety jacket. At the speed at which she had to save her father and sister, Chase began to swim towards the shore.
He fought hard because he had to go against the speed of the river wave. Fighting for an hour, he reached the shore and asked the people there for help. Those present rescued the father and daughter. Praise has been pouring in on social media for the boy Chase, who worked with the coast and tried to save his father and sister.



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