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Amma, Akira, Anandam

Amma, Akira, Anandam

Do you know who is the little angel who makes Renu Desai laugh? No one else… Our Junior Power Star… Akira Nandan! Renune herself said this in an Instagram post. She recently posted a selfie with Akira on social media. Both the mother and son are laughing happily in it. Next to such a happy mood lovely pick ించే ” Akira is the only person in the world who makes me laugh until my cheeks ache! He also has as much sense of humor as I do. That’s why, when he laughs at his jokes I feel like I laugh at my jokes! Bless my little angel too ” she wrote.
Akira is the eldest of two children, Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai. He also has a younger sister, the first. However, Renu Desai, who lives in Maharashtra with her two children, is active on social media. Akira Nandan has also recently become active. Not only that, wherever this Tall Teen Sensation gives a public appearance, the Power Star fans are pouring into the tribe. Meanwhile, at the Mega Daughter Nebula wedding, our junior Pavane was the highlight of it all. A photo of Akira landing with her music teacher and Dad Kalyan a few years back has also gone viral on social media. It remains to be seen when Akira will hit the silver screen if she is already calling mega fans to come!

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