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Angelina fights for 'suckling life' from June 10!

Angelina fights for ‘suckling life’ from June 10!

Angelina Jolie’s latest film ‘Dos Who Wish Me Dead’ is set to release in India on June 10. However, the action thriller, which was released simultaneously on the Theaters and OTT platform in the United States, is now being matched with online streaming. ‘Dos Who Wish Me Dead’, created by Oscar-nominated talented director Taylor Sheridan, was released in the US on May 14th. Along with the theatrical release, Warner Media made it available to the public on their ‘Heb Bevo Max’ and OTT.

There have been a lot of positive reviews. However, ‘Dos Who Wish Me Dead’ has not been released yet as theaters are not open due to lockdown in India. Angelina Starr, which has been preparing for online streaming only since June 10, can be seen on the ‘Buck My Show’ digital streaming platform. A twelve-year-old boy is hunted down by vicious assassins. How the heroine Angelina saved the baby… ‘Dos Who Wish Me Dead’ storyline!

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