Arun Singh’s arrival in the state this week, first talks with ministers-legislators, meeting!

Arun Singh's arrival in the state this week, first talks with ministers-legislators, meeting!

Source: The New Indian Express

Bangalore: An attempt is being made to pull the curtain down on a political farce that has been going on for weeks about a change of leadership in the state. State BJP in-charge Arun Singh will visit the state this week.

Speaking in front of the media in Delhi yesterday, BJP state in-charge Arun Singh promised to go to Bangalore on Wednesday and stay there for two-three days and talk to those concerned to resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, MLA Arvind Bellad met BJP national general secretary BL Santosh in Delhi and expressed doubts that Arun Singh would solve the problem if he met the MLAs and provide justice to all.

Speaking last week, Arun Singh denied the change of leadership. It is learned that Arvind Bellad was upset that he had denied about the change of leadership even before talking to the party legislators and leaders. Arun Singh said there was no change in Yeddyurappa’s leadership and he would continue for the next two years.

Arun Singh, who is coming to the state in the middle of this week, will stay here for two-three days. He will hold meetings and review the situation. When journalists asked CM Yeddyurappa about this, he said that he would welcome Arun Singh, come here and co-operate with the meetings he was listening to.

Sunil Kumar, Chief Whip of the Legislative Assembly, recently tweeted that the party should provide a suitable platform for lawmakers to express their views, suggestions and issues, and that many do not support making public statements.


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