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Asha Bhosle wants to drag Himesh Reshammiya!  Do you know why?

Asha Bhosle wants to drag Himesh Reshammiya! Do you know why?

How difficult it is for them to slip their mouths! It’s even harder if it’s about people far greater than us! The same thing happened to Himesh Reshimia once. His entry as music director has created an unprecedented craze. His songs are the ones that cut off the ears of the youth. But, at the same time, some people were angry that he was singing with his nose. However, Himesh, who has been patient many times, was once impatient with the media’s question. Immediately ‘R. D. Burman also sang with the nose. Did no one ever blame him? ‘ Aneshadu! That sparked a bit of a big scandal!

Asha Bhosle was outraged when a newcomer music director like Himesh commented on a Bollywood legend like RD Burman. I wanted to pull him out! She even said that to the media! Asha Bhosle reacted maturely this time when journalists mentioned to Himesh about the anger. ‘It would be wrong to drag a great music director like Pancham Da (RD Burman) into controversy! I unconditionally apologize for that. Legends like Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle are my favorite! I do not mean to hurt the war. Therefore, I apologize unconditionally ‘said Himesh!

Himesh Reshammiya said it was a wise decision to match ‘sorry’ immediately even if the word slipped once in the beginning of his career. It would have been a big fuss if he had unnecessarily defended himself again and again! The talented music director and actor is coming soon with his new album. Reshammiya is preparing to entertain the fans under the name ‘Surur 2021’!

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