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'Baby' in 'Bhishma' Beauty!

‘Baby’ in ‘Bhishma’ Beauty!

” Hey guys! In the midst of all this chaos that is taking place right now… I got this happy little friend. This is what kept me from getting stressed. I am introducing ‘Aara’ to you today! However, some say they fall in love in three seconds. But, this QT stole my mind in just 0.3 milliseconds! “What is all this?” Rashmi Social Media Post! She’s talking about her new pet dog ‘Aura’! ‘Bhishma’ Beauty is kissing the little member of the tribe who has just joined their family. The puppy is sharing his happiness that he is coming to stay at home due to the lock down!

Not only that, but the little doggie who was so upset when he saw this! However, many people spend a lot of time with their pet dogs and cats. Staying away from mental stress while increasing the attachment to those within the four walls. Already a lot of heroines have been doing hullabaloo on social media with their little companions. Latest Lady in the List శ్ Rashmika!

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