Barley plans to file 17 bills in the spring session

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New Delhi: The Center is planning to table up to 17 bills in the Barley monsoon session starting today (July 19).

The barley rainy season meeting series begins today as Govt is slowly recovering from the impact of the second wave. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, citing a shortage of vaccines and rising petrol and diesel prices.

In this situation, the central government has decided to pass up to 17 bills in this series of meetings. The monsoon session of Parliament is scheduled to begin today and run until the 13th of next month.

444 MPs from the Lok Sabha and 218 MPs from the Rajya Sabha have been vaccinated with at least one dose. Security arrangements including social space have been made.The Union Cabinet was recently reshuffled. Thirty-six new ministers, including Murugan from Tamil Nadu, have been appointed.

latest tamil news

Prime Minister Modi will introduce the new ministers in both the houses. When the second wave of corona virus outbreaks began, there was a shortage of oxygen, medicines, and hospital beds. Also, there is said to be a risk of third wave damage.

Therefore, the opposition plans to raise the issue of corona prevention measures. Vaccine policy is also expected to be discussed



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