BSY dinner for Aptari: Will the wind of change blow in Shravan? Will the CM resign on July 26?

BSY dinner for Aptari: Will the wind of change blow in Shravan?  Will the CM resign on July 26?

Source: The New Indian Express

Bangalore: Two days after Chief Minister Yeddyurappa returned from New Delhi, the debate on a change of leadership continues.

There is no clarity on the discussions in Delhi and subsequent developments, with some ministers saying Yeddyurappa will continue as CM, but some within the party say anything could change later this month or in August.

Yeddyurappa is expected to resign on July 26. “Anything can happen in August, we are waiting,” a Yeddyurappa cabinet minister said.

On Saturday, Yeddyurappa was identified as loyal to Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai, Urban Development Minister Bhairathi Basavaraj, Revenue Minister R. Ashok, Health Minister Dr. Sudhakar, Agriculture Minister B.C. Patil, Co-operation Minister S.T. It is learned that Somashekhar and MLA Satish Reddy were involved. CM Yeddyurappa spoke to everyone about Delhi politics and developments.

A minister who was present at the dinner said that no important issue was discussed with CM Yeddyurappa.

But after returning from Delhi, CM Yeddyurappa set up a one-man corporation and changed the chairmanships of several corporation-boards. With Delhi leaders busy in the Parliament session, Yeddyurappa’s performance has made a splash in the political arena.

Recommending the dissolution of the Assembly may be an option in front of Yeddyurappa, but it is unlikely to happen. A senior minister said there had been no discussion or talks on recommending the dissolution of the assembly.

No significant discussion has taken place and many issues have been discussed, said Revenue Minister R Ashok, but sources said that Ashok will be leaving for Delhi in a few days.

But there are rumors that he will not be able to meet the central leaders as the current session is going on. It is not clear whether the change of leadership would have been discussed if Yeddyurappa had visited Delhi.

But according to sources, Yeddyurappa has more faith in the new team than the veterans, another minister said. No one can replace Yeddyurappa, no one can match his collective leadership. The discussion that did not take place in Delhi was theirs
Another minister said opinions were not shared. But even after all this, the leadership change debate is still going on.


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