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'Butter' breaking the billboard!  'BTS' New Song In Hot 100!

‘Butter’ breaking the billboard! ‘BTS’ New Song In Hot 100!

South Korean pop music band BTS continues its feud. Breaking records with the song ‘Butter’. Not just others The BTS team is also sweeping their own records. Everyone says we can’t match the new number one ranks!

The ‘Butter’ song is already ramping up on platforms like YouTube and Spotify with millions of views and thousands of streams. However, it has recently topped the Billboard Hot 100 list. Recorded record streams and downloads. ‘Butter’ became the most popular song in Billboard history. On the other hand, on the radio, ‘Butter’ is becoming a nuisance.

‘Butter’ set a world record as the most-watched premiere at the time of its release. Gained the most views in the first 24 hours on YouTube alone, erasing past records. However, even before this, the world number one rank with the song ‘Dynamite’ was on the BTS account. Korean boys break their own record on YouTube! On the other hand the audio streaming platform Spotify is also still swaying with ‘Butter’ Josh!

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