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Cemetery as a center of isolation… Wherever

Cemetery as a center of isolation… Wherever

While corona cases are declining, the severity is not. People with corona can stay in isolation and follow the rules to get out of the corona barrier properly. Ordinary people go to isolation centers and stay there if they are infected with corona. Needless to say no more about the countryside. People infected with corona in the village stay away from home. Corona did not enter the village to touch. However, 50 people from Modulamada tribal village in Khammamzilla and Aswaraupeta mandals in Telangana were infected with corona. The village has a total population of 150, of which 50 have been infected with corona and the corona infected people have left the village and settled in the cemetery. The decision was made to keep the rest of the village from getting infected and the children from getting infected with corona. They stay there and cook and eat. It is said that Corona will return to the village after she is completely exhausted and will remain in the cemetery until then.

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