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Central government announces pension for dependents of Kovid who lost their lives

Central government announces pension for dependents of Kovid who lost their lives

Source: PTI

New DelhiIncluding pensions for dependents of those who lost their lives due to the Kovid-19 pandemic
The central government on Saturday announced several measures. Other benefits have been announced for families who have lost a member who is earning a living.

Under the EDL I scheme, the families have been enhanced with pension and insurance scheme as well as flight plans. Has been liberalized. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the measures would help mitigate the financial difficulties faced by these families. He added that these families are in solidarity with their government.

To help the family live a dignified life and maintain a good standard of living,
The Prime Minister’s Office said the benefit of the ESIC pension scheme for employment-related death cases is being extended to those killed by Kovid.

Deferred family members of the deceased receive pension benefits equal to 90 per cent of the average daily wage an employee receives, according to existing standards. This facility is applicable to all cases from 24.03.2020 to the prior and 24.03.2022.

Insurance facilities have been enhanced and liberalized under the EDLI scheme. This will help all other beneficiaries, particularly families of employees who have lost their lives from Covid.

Maximum insurance benefit amount is Rs 6 lakh. 7 lakhs from Rs. 2.5 lakh has been increased to Rs. The minimum insurance benefit has been reinstated and will be applicable for the next three years with a pre-emption from 15 February 2020.
The office said


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