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Chandrababu sent TDP MPs to BJP: Vijayasai Reddy

Chandrababu sent TDP MPs to BJP: Vijayasai Reddy

The arrest of MP Raghuram Krishnaraja is shrinking AP politics. If the YCP is supporting his arrest, the opposition is incensed. At this juncture, YCP MP Vijayasaireddy once again made sensational remarks against TDP chief Chandrababu. The firebrand rebuked Chandrababu for sending TDP MPs to the BJP. “He himself sent four of his own party MPs to the BJP. Not a single word was spoken about it. Wissar subjugates a Congress MP and accuses the party of being like a mother. Lays cases against the government. Is it politics or brokerage, Chandrababu? The sin of Kovid deaths in the state must be borne by Chandrababu. During his five-year rule, Arogyasree diverted all funds to corporate hospitals. Neglected the development of government hospitals. Lack of infrastructure here has made it difficult for patients to travel to neighboring states. ” Vijayasaireddy added.

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