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Chandrababu's letter to the AP Governor

Chandrababu’s letter to the AP Governor

TDP chief Chandrababu wrote a letter to Governor Bishwabhushan Harichandan. Chandrababu said in the letter that he should take the initiative to implement friendly policing in AP. Corona has called for action against Frontline Warriors and police for harassing civilians who do not understand. People are in a lot of trouble because of the current corona. The people need a government that is supportive in these situations and a police force that offers a friendly hand. Referring to the manner in which the Dalit girl Lakshmi Aparna was stopped by the police on the road in Visakhapatnam, Vaina described the violation of the rights of the people. The attitude of some policemen in the YCP regime is similar to that of the private army of authoritarian rulers. Is threatening the rights of the people, so as a head of state he was asked to take the initiative in this regard towards tidying up the system.

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