Charging facility for electric vehicles at petrol stations: Tata Agreement

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As the market for electric vehicles expands in India, Tata Power has signed an agreement with Hindustan Petrol to set up a charging facility at the facility.

Leading automobile companies are currently in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing. Electric cars and two-wheelers are widely used in the United States and Europe. People in India are also starting to show interest in electric vehicles. The government has also announced a number of incentive schemes for manufacturing companies. Yet the lack of adequate charging stations is causing reluctance among the people.

In this context, Tata Power has entered into an agreement to install charging facilities at Hindustan petrol stations. These are to be built in the first phase, especially in cities and major national highways. Tata Power claims that this will allow buyers of electric vehicles to travel without having to worry about what to do if the vehicle stops on the way.

latest tamil news

Tata Power currently has more than 500 charger centers in more than 100 cities. They are found not only in petrol stations but also in malls, metro stations, theaters and highways. It also has high speed chargers for electric buses.



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