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China has responded to Trump's request for $ 10 trillion in compensation.

China has responded to Trump’s request for $ 10 trillion in compensation.

Source: The New Indian Express

Beijing: China has responded to Donald Trump ‘s demand for $ 10 trillion in compensation for the spread of the corona infection worldwide.

China has responded to Donald Trump’s statement that politicians are responsible for neglecting the lives and health of the people.

Speaking at the Republican Party Convention on Sunday, Donald Trump called Kovid-19 a Chinese virus, the Wuhan virus, and demanded that China provide compensation to the world, and that America should be compensated.

China has demanded $ 10 trillion in compensation from the United States and the world community for the deaths caused by Kovid-19.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said 2.4 crore Kovid-19 cases had been reported during the Trump administration. 410, 000 people were killed.

Trump, who was constantly denying reality, neglected duties. China has accused him of trying to divert people’s attention instead of trying to control the epidemic.

We believe that the American people have made a good decision about who should be held accountable. China has said it should hold politicians responsible for hypocrisy, who have neglected the health of the people.


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