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Chinese minister blames Donald Trump

Beijing: “Former President Donald Trump is responsible for the high incidence of corona virus in the United States,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said.

Speaking at a conference in the United States recently, former President Donald Trump was harshly critical of China. He said China should pay Rs 750 lakh crore in compensation to the world community for failing to control the spread of the corona virus in the laboratory. Reacting to this, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said yesterday: In the United States, when Donald Trump was president, more than 2.4 million people were affected by corona.

4.10 lakh people lost their lives. At that time, Trump, who refused to accept these ill effects, failed to do his duty. Then, he got involved in trying to distract people. The American people know this very well. They are well aware of who is responsible for the spread of the virus. In this case, it is not acceptable to seek compensation from China, he said.



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