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Chinese Vaccinated Indians: Letter to the Embassy seeking a visa

New Delhi: More than 300 Indians who paid for the Govt vaccine made in China have written to the Chinese embassy seeking a visa to travel to China.
Hundreds of Indians who had been engaged in work and trade in China had returned to India last year due to the spread of Govt. In this context, on March 15, the Chinese government imposed a condition that ‘people from 20 countries, including India, must be vaccinated against the Govt vaccine in order to come to China’.

This condition caused problems for Indians returning to China as the Chinese vaccine was not available in India. However, in order to return to their work in China and reunite with their families, more than 300 Indians traveled to neighboring countries such as Nepal, the Maldives and Dubai, where they stayed for more than a month and paid two installments of the Chinese vaccine. But their efforts were in vain as the Chinese embassy did not issue a return visa to the country.

latest tamil news

Following this, the vaccinated Indians wrote a letter to the Chinese Ambassador to India requesting a visa. They have also sent a letter to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, the Chinese capital, to assist them.
India-China flights have been suspended due to the second wave of the Govt epidemic in India and elsewhere. It is noteworthy that Indians are not allowed to go to another country and from there to China.



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