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Choksi abduction complaint investigated in Dominica

New Delhi: Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Brown has said that the country’s police have launched an investigation into a complaint lodged by diamond trader Mehul Choksi to Dominica and his lawyer.

Choksi, 62, a diamond trader from Mumbai, Maharashtra, along with his cousin Nirav Modi, 50, fled abroad after embezzling Rs 14,000 crore from the Punjab National Bank. In an attempt to bring him to India, the CBI and the authorities intensified their efforts. Choksi recently fainted in this condition. He is said to have tried to flee to Cuba, a North American country.

Choksi was captured in Dominica, another island nation near Antigua. He was arrested by the police on suspicion of entering the country illegally. In this case, some people who looked like Dominica and the Indian police abducted Choksi from Antigua and took him to Dominica, Choksi’s lawyer complained to the police.

Dominica Police have named some of the names of those involved in the abduction. The Dominica Police are investigating. Perhaps, if the Choksi kidnapping is proven to be true, it will cause the biggest problem. Thus he said.



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