Continued mystery about leadership change: CM Yeddyurappa convenes June 22nd Cabinet meeting, June 26th

Continued mystery about leadership change: CM Yeddyurappa convenes June 22nd Cabinet meeting, June 26th

Source: The New Indian Express

Bangalore: Mystery about leadership change continues in the state. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa convened the Cabinet meeting on June 22 and the Legislative Assembly on June 26, which aroused intense curiosity.

Yeddyurappa is said to have convened a meeting of the Legislative Party and a dinner on July 26 as the state government is completing 2 years.

However, opposition parties are interpreting it differently. In Delhi, seniors have instructed Yeddyurappa to allow someone else, saying that Chief Minister Yeddyurappa will resign from his post within two days of the Legislative Party meeting. However, this argument has been refuted by the Chief Minister’s close aides.

Commenting on this, R. Ashok said that there was no message from the Center about the change of leadership in the state. There is no confusion in this matter. He said there was no such discussion between us.

I have no information about the convening of the Legislative Party meeting. The CL’P notice did not reach us unless the banquet was arranged after the government had completed two years.

There is a banquet. There will always be sitting and talking with our legislators. This does not have to mean anything special. We are all together. The leadership of the center is strong. We will go under the guidance of the leaders of the Center. Currently our only priority is to win the next election. The idea of ​​a change of leadership is not in front of us. Yeddyurappa met Prime Minister Modi and BJP national president JP Nadda. Thus making it clear that there is no room for confusion.

Meanwhile, rebel lawmakers are happy that Yeddyurappa has convened a meeting of the Legislative Party.

The rebel lawmakers had been sitting relentlessly for several days calling a meeting of the legislative party to talk about issues within the party. But. Yeddyurappa did not say anything about this.

A member of the team of rebel legislators spoke and said the chief minister should answer the questions raised by the legislative party. Yeddyurappa, who wanted the High Command to give the green signal on the continuation of the leadership, said he had not intended to convene a meeting before.

There is no need to worry. Yeddyurappa will also complete his remaining two years in office. This is a formal meeting, no major decisions of any kind can be taken at the meeting. Yeddyurappa’s political secretary MP Renukacharya said he would visit the national capital Delhi on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, BJP national secretary Siti Ravi also said he would attend the meeting.

BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel has clarified that the legislative assembly will be held on July 26, two years after the party came to power in the state.

An expert, meanwhile, said all parties would hold a meeting of the legislative party before the session.


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