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Covalent shielding or coaxialin creates the best antibody: here's a study report!

Covalent shielding or coaxialin creates the best antibody: here’s a study report!

Source: ANI

New Delhi: There has been talk of coronavirus or coavixin being the best vaccine, and now a study has revealed which is better.

The study was conducted on one dose and two dose health care workers. A preliminary study by the vaccine-induced antibody titre (Kovat) revealed that the Cowshield vaccine produced more antibodies than Kovacsin.

The study showed that seropositivity rates for anti-spike antibody were significantly higher in those receiving covalent shielding compared to covaccine after the first dose.

The study found that antibiotics were superior to the two-dose recipients of both covalent shield and coaxialin vaccine. But the rate of seropositivity and the average anti-spike antibody in the Coveshield is significantly higher.

A total of 552 health workers, including 227 women and 325 men, were included in the study. Of these, 456 had received the first dose of covariance and 96 received covaccine. Overall, antibody increased by 80 percent in those who received CovShield. Nevertheless, the conclusion of the study revealed that both vaccines received good immune response.

Although both vaccines elicited an immune response, seropositivity rates were significantly higher for the anti-spike antibody in the Coveshield recipients compared to Covaxin after the first dose. The ongoing CoWAT study further reveals the immune response between the two vaccines after the second dose, it said.


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