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Covid appeared in the Wuhan Laboratory: the British spy agency

LONDON: Britain’s intelligence agencies believe there is a possibility that Govt 19 may be a virus leaked from China’s Wuhan laboratory.

In November 2019, the U.S. spy agency reported that many of the researchers at Wuhan Laboratory were suffering from poor health. Following this, President Joe Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to ‘investigate the origin of the Govt infection and submit a report within 90 days’. But China continues to deny that ‘Kovit appeared in Wuhan’. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

latest tamil news

In this regard, the British Minister of Vaccines Shakavi said, ‘The origin of the coyote can be fully investigated by the World Health Organization. It is important to allow a multi-stage investigation. Only then will we be able to better understand the initial spread of the Govt epidemic. ‘



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