Cured by Covid: How to manage worsening fatigue, fatigue, dry cough?

Cured by Covid: How to manage worsening fatigue, fatigue, dry cough?

Source: The New Indian Express

If you are recovering from Kovid or returning home from hospital, it is common to have a problem that is not representative until you return to your normal life. Depending on the severity and magnitude of the infection, a person may be recovering in a month or more.

People should be very careful even after recovering from an infection. To be safe, you need to maintain social distance, wear a mask, maintain cleanliness, and use a satietyizer.

Fatigue, fatigue, and dry cough are common among people who have recovered from the corona. Infection has weakened the human body. It is common to have fatigue, tiredness and dryness. How to handle it? Here are some tips …

Dry cough
Dry cough causes greater pain in the vagina as the patient recovers from infection. Follow these tips to complain about the problem …

  • Keep the body from becoming dehydrated. Drink warm water frequently.
  • Put water into the mouth and swallow a little.
  • Drink honey and lemon juice to warm water.
  • Complain of mucous problems Take hot water vapor at least three times a day.
  • Walk in your room to make your lungs work better.

Advice on complaining of fatigue….
After fighting the virus, the person’s body becomes weakened. Suffer from decompression. During this period, even though the body has killed all viruses, it is important to take care of ourselves and manage fatigue. This fatigue is a kind of long exhalation that lasts more than six weeks. This can be complained of by taking the necessary steps. For this, relax mentally and physically. Do not get stressed.

Other Tips …

  • Consume multiple vitamin pills given by your doctor after they have recovered from the infection.
  • Drink more milk and juices. It gives your bones more strength. Also, boost immunity.
  • Eat foods that are high in protein and immunity. Eat vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Let’s focus on the oxygen level. Rest for at least 10 days after recovering from an infection.


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