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Cybercriminals who do not leave AP DGP

Cybercriminals who do not leave AP DGP

If technology is growing .. on the other hand cyber criminals are also throwing their paws .. opening up scams as an online platform .. stealing information .. punishing everyone .. creating fake accounts with other names .. there is also a need. However, these cyber criminals have not even released the VIPs .. They are also targeting those who have key responsibilities in the police department .. Now they have not left the AP DGP either .. The cyber criminals have opened a Twitter account in the name of the AP DGP. Many tweets were also posted .. With this .. Assuming it was the DGP’s account .. SPs of many districts also started following it .. However, the DGP’s office which later found it .. immediately froze the account .. Bejwada who took the opening of the fake account in the name of the DGP seriously. The police have registered a case and are investigating as to who is behind it and what IP address was used.

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