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'Dil' is the king of moving pieces to a crazy combination!

‘Dil’ is the king of moving pieces to a crazy combination!

Leading producer దిల్ The spectators who once worked on the King banner but the heroes are interested in working on that banner again and again. So that they are turned towards themselves దిల్ King. And to director Anil Ravipudi, దిల్ The king’s attachment was also strong. Anil Ravipudi is currently making films under the same banner every year ఎఫ్ 3 Is making a movie. Anil Ravipudi wants to do a movie with Mahesh Babu when it is completed. That is why Anil heard a story from Mahesh and knew that it was okay. However, Mahesh Dates is not available for Anil Ravipudi at present. Because it is currently on the sets స‌ర్కారు వారి పాట‌Once completed, Trivikram should make a movie. It is rumored that Mahesh will be doing a film with Rajamouli after that. With that said, Mahesh Dates will not be available to anyone else until next summer. If so ఎఫ్ 3 Later, news came that Anil Ravipudi had committed to a film with Balakrishna. By the time it is completed, it will be summer next year.
And for the first time with Pawan Kalyan వ‌కీల్ సాబ్ Produced the movie దిల్ It seems that Raju is preparing to do a movie with him once again. Currently Pvt హ‌రిహ‌ర వీర‌మ‌ల్లుAlong with, అయ్య‌ప్ప‌నుమ్ కోషియుమ్ Starring in the remake. It is to be followed by a movie directed by Harish Shankar. After this, a film is to be made under the direction of Anil Ravipudi with Pawan Kalyan as the hero. దిల్ The king thought. In that way, from the Mahesh Babu project to Anil Ravipudi towards Pawan Kalyan దిల్ There are rumors in the film Nagar that the king is making a turn. It remains to be seen when the conditions in Mari Corona will improve and when all these projects will be completed!

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