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Dilip Kumar on Oxygen Support!

Dilip Kumar on Oxygen Support!

Dr. Nitin Gokhale said that legendary actor Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to the Non Kovid ward of Hinduja Hospital on Sunday morning, was being treated with oxygen support. For some time now, a medical team led by Dr Nitin has been providing medical services to Dilip Kumar. Dilip Kumar, who was struggling to breathe, was admitted to hospital this morning. The manager said this through his official Twitter account. The tweet said that fans should do their part to pray for his health. Since then, many Bollywood celebrities have started praying for Dilip Saab’s recovery. Doctors say that the oxygen saturation level is low, that oxygen support is provided, that health is stable, and that there is no need to be included in the ICU. He said he would be discharged in two to three days if his health improved. Dilip Kumar, who was admitted to the hospital last month, went home two days later. Dilip Kumar, 98, was admitted to NCP Hospital in the evening. Chief Sharad Pawar inquired.

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