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Dimples of Bollywood

Dimples of Bollywood

Dimples in Bollywood reminds me of Deepika Padukone now! Rani ‘Padmavati’, who is reigning as the number one beauty in Mumbai, is all smiles! How many of us are enslaved to the beauty of our tall and talented beauty Sotta Buggula!
Lots of Horror Pictures Hot Bengali Beauty Bipasha… Super Sexy! Love and romantic movies that are suitable for her beauty have not come big in her career. Added attraction to Bips Beautiful Magic Her Dimples! Bipasha Basu Laughs… Bus Stands for Guys’ Life!

Preeti Zinta, the sleek-cheeked elegant నిన్న of yesterday’s generation who also made movies in Telugu. Undoubtedly those beautiful depths on her cheek వర Boys were disturbed by the tribe at the time! Fans still want this cute Dimple Queen back in the movies though!
Preity Zinta, Bipasha, Deepika are not the only ones. Those small valleys on the cheeks are an added attraction to our ‘RRR’ beauty who has both beauty and performance! Already Bollywood audiences are raving about Gorgeous ‘Gangubhai’. Coming soon to the Telugu screen with ‘Triple R’. Our audience is also getting fed up with Alia Dimples, for sure!

Dimples of Bollywood… Cheekbones!

It would be a mistake to think that all the hot cheeks in Bollywood are given away by the heroines! Handsome actors are also attracted to Itte with their simple dimples. The three most notable of them are ఖ Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham, Abhay Deol! Badshah knows about cheeks! Kandala heroes John Abraham and highly talented Abhay Deol are also knocking fans down with dimples! Especially… Female Fans

Dimples of Bollywood

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