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Disagreement with India ended: Sharma sound

Kathmandu: Nepal’s Prime Minister Sharma Oli has said that differences with India are over.

The Prime Minister of our neighboring Nepal, Sharma Oli, recently gave an interview to the BBC. He then said: The border issue with India will be resolved through historical agreements, maps and factual documents. There were some issues and differences between us and India due to misunderstandings. They have been resolved and we are moving towards unity towards the future goal. Neighboring countries share their love and problems, he said.

latest tamil news

They released a political map last year indicating that the Indian territories of Limbiathura, Kalabani and Lipulek belong to Nepal, which the central government has strongly warned and condemned. In the wake of this issue, the misunderstandings in the relations between the two sides have now come to an end due to a series of talks.



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