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Discovery of highly malignant virus in Vietnam; Spread in the air

Hanoi: A new highly malignant virus has been discovered in Vietnam. The government says it can spread through the air.

The Govt-19 virus, which was last detected in China in 2019, has spread around the world and caused catastrophe. After that, the virus mutated and spread to many countries. They are classified as transmitted virus in India, Brazil virus, UK virus and South African virus. A new type of high-velocity virus has been discovered in Vietnam. Vietnamese Minister Nuentenlong said the virus was spreading rapidly and could spread through the air.

He also said that the virus was a combination of a virus found in India and a virus found in the UK. In Vietnam, some people find it difficult to cure an infection, and when examined, it is a new type of virus. The Vietnamese government has sent a report to the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization will issue notices if it is confirmed to be a new virus.



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