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Do you know how Mehul Choksi got caught by the police in Dominica?

Do you know how Mehul Choksi got caught by the police in Dominica?

Source: PTI

Dominica: Just as the controversy surrounding the arrest of diamond trader Mehul Choksi has erupted, an eyewitness has revealed how police arrested Choksi in Rosau, Dominica. The country’s CID team arrested Choksi in Rose.

According to eyewitness Dominica citizen Harry Barron, police tried to speak while Choksi was throwing some documents into the Caribbean Sea. The suspect then ran after him after he started running from there. However, Choksi fell down twice without being able to run much distance. Right Apps 24 reported that Choksi was arrested for trying to escape from the police.

The eyewitness also told how Choksi was injured during the chase. And then the police interrogated and arrested him on the beach and took him into their custody.

The Caribbean newspaper reported that Choksi’s attempt to escape to Cuba, where he disappeared from Antigua and Barbuda, was different from Hollywood cinema. Police are aware of the arrest of a man who fled abroad after Choksi was arrested and issued a Red Corner Notice by Interpol.

Choksi’s brother had promised election funds to Dominica’s opposition leader Lennox Linton to push Choksi’s abduction drama, and plans were made to plot the abduction for the whole situation. Right Apps 24 reports that the media was caught in a scam created by Choksi’s family on the advice of a lawyer.

Choksi and his nephew Nirav Modi have pledged Rs 13,500 crore to Punjab National Bank. Accused in fraud case. Choksi, who fled India, became a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda in January 2018. He is engaged in a legal battle to prevent extradition to India.


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