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Doctors across the country protest against Ramdev's statement

Doctors across the country protest against Ramdev’s statement

Source: PTI

New Delhi: Doctors have decided to launch a nationwide protest in protest against the statement made by Yoga guru Baba Ram Dev.

Doctors have protested Ram Dev’s statement by celebrating July 1 as the Black Day. The doctors’ association informed about this and asked for an open, unconditional pardon by Ram Dev.

Asked about allopathic treatment for coronavirus, Ram Dev said that Kovid-19 had killed millions of people who had taken allopathic medicine.

As soon as the incident was reported, Union Health Minister Harshvardhan Baba Ram Deo’s statement was “unfortunate” and asked him to withdraw his statement.

Ram Deo had withdrawn his statement after tension mounted on Sunday. Baba Ramdev, who later asked the IMA in an open letter via Twitter, questioned whether allopathic ailments are a lasting solution or a cure for pain alone.


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