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Dominica Court rejects bail for Choksi

New Delhi: A Dominican court has refused to grant bail to diamond trader Mehul Choksi, who escaped in a bank loan fraud case.

Mehul Choksi, a diamond trader who swindled Rs 14,000 crore at the Punjab National Bank branch in Mumbai, Maharashtra, has fled to Andy Gua and Barbuda in North America. Choksi, who recently tried to flee Cuba from Antigua, was arrested in the neighboring island nation of Dominica.

In the Dominica High Court, the case of Choksi’s deportation came up for hearing yesterday. The lawyer representing India said, “Choksi has obtained Antigua citizenship by giving false evidence.”

“India is looking for Mehul Choksi in a bank loan fraud case,” a lawyer representing the Dominican government said. He should be ordered to be deported to India. ‘ Meanwhile, Choksi’s lawyer filed an appeal.

Following the hearing, Judge Bernie Stephenson adjourned the case, ordering that “Mehul Choksi be charged with trespassing into Dominica. A bail petition was filed on his behalf.

The Magistrate dismissed the petition and ordered: The charges against Choksi are not ordinary. Mehul could not accept the assurances given on behalf of Choksi, saying, “If released on bail, I will face a court hearing from Dominica.” So he is denied bail. Thus ordered by the Magistrate.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry said that the federal government is committed to arresting fugitives and bringing them to justice.



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