Don’t trust Wikipedia; Co-founder Pakir

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New York – ” No more trusting Wikipedia, the Internet database. It leans to the left; Information against them is deleted or omitted, ” said its co-founder, Larry Sanger.

Headquartered in the United States, Wikipedia is an Internet database. It was introduced in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger from the United States. Sanger, who quit in 2002, said in a recent interview: “No one should trust Wikipedia anymore. It has lost its credibility. It is controlled by the left.

The left-leaning Democrats of US President Joe Biden dominate Wikipedia’s news and information, removing or avoiding information they do not like. There are many examples of this. Before the presidential election last year, Donald Trump, a Republican who was president, said that Joe Biden’s son was corrupt in Ukraine.

latest tamil news

Complaints arose that he had pressured the Ukrainian president to take action against Joe Biden’s son. The resolution was tabled in Barley, calling for Trump to step down as president.



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