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Elephants mixing China: Cumulative praise

BEIJING: Elephants migrating into urban areas in China have gained global star status. Praise is accumulating on social media.

Sixteen elephants from our neighboring Yunnan province of China have made their way to the provincial capital, Kunming, through human-inhabited areas such as villages and towns, attracting global attention.

This website has uploaded many pictures of elephants walking on the roads and the mother elephant throwing her baby calf after a hard effort. Yesterday, an average of 200 million people watched what these elephants do on social media. More than 25,000 people have posted a picture of a herd of elephants on the road.

Within a year, the herd of elephants roamed the forest for about 500 km. They entered the city a few months before the excavation took place. These elephants, which have not yet attacked humans, have looted some shops for food. They have entered the fields and eaten 10 lakh rupees worth of maize crops. It is a mystery what these elephants are going for.

Some say she goes in search of her leader. The Chinese government is monitoring the elephants with drones. Police and emergency services have been deployed here and there. The Chinese government says two elephants have returned to the wild halfway through the herd.

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One of the remaining elephants gave birth to a cub on the way. There are currently six females, three males and six cubs. Vehicles are parked across the roads to prevent these from coming further into the city.’No one should harass the elephants; Don’t fire crackers, ‘the government has ordered. Efforts are being made to divert elephants to mature forests.



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