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Elephants mixing China is heaped praise in the media

FijiNg:Elephants migrating into urban areas in China have gained global star status. Praise is accumulating on social media.

The 16 elephants from our neighboring Yunnan province of China are moving towards the provincial capital, Kunming, through human-inhabited areas, such as villages and cities, attracting worldwide attention. ‘There are.

Yesterday, on an average, 200 million people watched and enjoyed what these elephants do on social media. More than 25,000 people have posted a picture of a herd of elephants on the road.

puzzle which could not be understood

The herd of elephants has been stranded in the jungle for over a year, walking 500 km, and entered the city a few months ago. These elephants, which have not yet attacked humans, have looted some shops for food. What these elephants are heading towards is an incomprehensible mystery. The Chinese government is monitoring the elephants with drones.



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