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Fierce fire in Pune;  17 workers died, many lost

Fierce fire in Pune; 17 workers died, many lost

Source: ANI

Pune: At least 17 workers have been killed in the incident, which left a deadly fire at a factory in Pune, Maharashtra.

According to sources, the tragedy occurred at a plastic factory in Pune’s Ghotwade Fata area, killing at least 17 workers and injuring several workers. As soon as the matter was known, more than 8 firefighters arrived and started the fire.

According to senior officials of the fire brigade, Devendra Pat Fode, 17 bodies have so far been extracted. Of these, 15 women claimed to have found the bodies of two men. The fire extinguisher has continued.

According to sources, there were 37 workers at the factory at the time of the incident. Of these, 20 were said to be protected.


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