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காந்தியின் கொள்ளுப்பேத்திக்கு  மோசடி வழக்கில் 7 ஆண்டு சிறை

Gandhi’s granddaughter jailed for 7 years for fraud

Durban: Mahatma Gandhi’s granddaughter has been sentenced to seven years in prison in South Africa for embezzling Rs 3.22 crore.

Lata Ramkopin, 56, daughter of Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, a nationalist and social activist, lives in South Africa and is involved in the linen garment import business. There, in 2015, he told businessman Maharaj that he needed money to pay customs duty on goods imported from India.

With his help, he has promised to give a share of the profits from the sale of the imported goods.

Maharaj was prosecuted in the Durban Commercial Criminal Court in this connection. At the end of the trial, the charges against Lata Ramkopin were confirmed and she was sentenced to seven years in prison. The court refused to grant bail to Lata Ramkopin, who said she would appeal against the sentence.



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