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Give the cemetery work!

There is no municipal staff to bury, bury or bury the dead in the cemeteries of Champion, Rogers Camp, Palakkad, Muscat, Gandhinagar, Suvarna Nagar, Urikampet and Powerlalpet.

Revenue is also available to the municipality. Go to the cemetery without a government salary for some good deed. Something is wrong! Madam, the handmaiden in the Golden City constituency, who has free rice to give to the government, sticks her picture on the lid and tells the film maker that she will buy her own tutula. Something went wrong. I don’t know who that person is. Don’t go for less that your full potential. I’m going to tell the minister about him. Is ‘Seal Town’ red enough?

To prevent the spread of the infection, the first CM of the state, a village called ‘Seal Down’ in Bellera Halling, next to the native house, should be red. Illia also gave the village the essentials it needed. Once you know the thing, take the flower rice, lentils and vegetable wrappers and give them away for free.

Puducha Office to bear this! Company Hospital is the Head Office for Florists. Here’s the dooty, the interview, everything. The City Office is the new stadium for hand cars. Gudon to place self-meeting, interview, rice here. Everything … The hospital and the stadium are under the control of Poo Karanga and Kai Karanga, so the slogan is J in this awesome place.



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