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Good progress in the Covshield vaccine Clinical study Action reports

Bangalore: A study has found that those who receive two doses of the domestically produced Covshield corona vaccine show better health.

Jayadeva Hospital in Bangalore conducted a study on the Govshield corona vaccine. Four weeks after administering the first dose of Govshield vaccination to 140 health workers at its hospital, the second dose was given. There is good improvement in the physical health of those who receive two doses of the vaccine. The body seemed to have increased immunity. In this regard, Jayadeva Hospital Director Manjunath said: We conducted a study in the second week of March. Health workers received a second dose four weeks after receiving the cochlear implant.

There was a good change in their physical condition. Immunity-enhancing features have increased. Therefore, two-dose cow shield vaccination is mandatory. This will protect against corona. According to the rules announced by the Central Government, there is a four week interval between the two doses. But scientifically, prolonging the 12-week interval between doses may be beneficial if the immune system is enhanced.



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