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Google News Showcase launched in India

New Delhi: Google has launched a newsletter called ‘News Showcase’ in the ‘Google News, Discover’ website segment in India. According to Google, print and media companies will be rewarded for providing the best news and ideas.

The News Showcase section of the Google News and Discover websites features the headlines of 700 news organizations from countries including Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Japan and Australia. To this end, Google has entered into agreements with these companies. Netizens can ‘click’ on their favorite topic on this news bulletin and go to the news agency’s website to read the detailed news. Google has introduced such a feature in India.

Commenting on this, Google Vice President Brad Bender said: News Showcase is already operating successfully in many countries. Is currently being introduced in India. To this end, we have contracted with 30 news organizations. Also, we are going to merge several companies. In this way, print, media and news organizations can carry promising news to the people. And for those companies, a certain amount is available through Google.

The service will soon be available in regional languages ​​following English and Hindi. Over the next three years, Google aims to train 50,000 journalists and journalism students, he said.



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