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Rohingyas, Stage Protest, Against Living Conditions, Bangladesh, Island, அகதிகள், ரோஹிங்கியா, தனித்தீவு, இஸ்லாமியர்கள்

Government trying to shift to a separate island; Opposing refugees ..!

Dhaka: Rohingya Islamic tribesmen were expelled from Myanmar a few years ago. Following this, they took refuge in many countries, including India and Bangladesh. The government set up a refugee camp for them in Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar, the main part of Bangladesh, has a population of 8 lakh 50 thousand. There is a high risk of the corona virus spreading. The number of Rohingya refugees taking refuge in the refugee camps here has been increasing day by day since 2017. Recently 4 thousand of these refugees have been involved in the struggle.

The Bangladeshi government has tried to relocate Rohingya refugees to a small island near Bangladesh to reduce the number of refugees in the Cox’s Bazar area. Many Rohingya refugees continue to be forced to relocate to the storm-prone island. It is noteworthy that Rohingya refugees have been attacking by throwing stones.



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