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Govt bids farewell to curfew in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh

New Delhi: The Govt has announced relaxation of curfew in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh as the incidence of infections is declining. The relaxation will come into effect from today (May 31) in Delhi and tomorrow in UP.

The 2nd wave of Govt was very intense in Delhi last month. Up to 29,000 people were infected with the Govt daily. Following this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal imposed a non-stop curfew to curb the spread of Govt. The daily impact of the curfew was reduced to 1,100. Due to this, the Delhi government has started the process of gradually easing the curfew. These relaxations come into effect today (May 31).

Accordingly, construction work and factories will be allowed to operate from today (May 31), giving priority to the grassroots as first-day wage laborers and migrant workers. It has also been reported that further mitigation measures will be allowed if the incidence of infections continues to decline.

Uttar Pradesh

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Similarly, the state government has said that some easing of curfew will take effect from tomorrow (June 1) as the incidence of Govt infection in UP is gradually declining. Accordingly, the curfew will be relaxed from tomorrow in districts where the number of victims is less than 600.
Here, markets are allowed to operate from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays. The curfew will continue into the weekend. Private offices and factories are also allowed to operate. Government buses are allowed to operate with Govt guidelines.



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