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Govt less than one lakh in India

New Delhi: The number of cases of Govt infection is gradually declining across the country. In that respect, only one lakh people in India have been affected by Govt infection in the last 24 hours. Thus, the number of victims was recorded as 2 crore 89 lakh 09 thousand.

In the last 24 hours, 1,74,399 people in India have recovered from the Govt. As a result, the number of injured exceeded 2 crore 71 lakh 59 thousand. Currently 14.01 lakh people are receiving treatment. So far 3,49,186 people have died.

As a result, the current survivor rate of Govt is 93.94 per cent and the death toll is 1.21. Moreover, currently 4.85 percent are in treatment.


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According to the ICMR, 15,87,589 samples were taken for testing in India yesterday (June 6) in a single day. So far 36 crore 63 lakh 34 thousand samples have been tested in India.

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Global impact

As of 10:10 am today (June 7), 17 crore 40 lakh 52 thousand 586 people have been affected by the Govt epidemic in the world. 37 lakh 44 thousand 029 people were killed. 15 crore 70 lakh 64 thousand 600 people returned.



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