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'Hindi profit will not tolerate non-Hindi being in the highest position in the country: who has witnessed Hindi supremacy in politics'

‘Hindi profit will not tolerate non-Hindi being in the highest position in the country: who has witnessed Hindi supremacy in politics’

Source: Online Desk

Bangalore: Former Chief Minister and JDS Legislative Party leader H. Prasad said that the struggle of the Kannada people should not only be against the companies but also for the justice that Kannada Karnataka deserves. D. Kumaraswamy commented.

Kumar Swamy, who tweeted this series, said, “I have witnessed Hindi supremacy in politics. Kannadiga HD Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister for 11 months. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Non-Hindi is the highest in the country
He tweeted that Hindi profit will never tolerate taking a position.

If you speak in Kannada in the Lok Sabha, you will not get recognition, you will not listen seriously. Center publications are not available in the local language. Center services are not in Kannada. Officers, staff do not speak Kannada. There is no Kannada in the websites. Customer service is not available in Kannada.

The conditions that Hindi language must come in if you want to get a job in the Central Government, the rules that you have to write the exam in Hindi, the loops that are the trilingual formula are obvious attempts at Hindi intrusion. Agendas that kill native languages. It is my opinion that our struggles should be against such deadly agendas.

The justice that Kannada and Karnataka deserve is great and our struggle must be for our rights in the federal system. Asserted that it was for the cause of justice that we should receive. The media needs to be more proactive on the issue of injustice to Kannada. Many media that
Are working. It is the responsibility of the media to strike a chord with the people from time to time. He opined that the participation of the media in the fight against injustice to Kannada is paramount.

Whether the language pride of the mirrors was sniffed by Amazon, Google, or snatched by the graduates .. However, the sniffers got the answer that the mirrors are sure to explode. But, let these small ideas be glorified and not hide the serious issues that need to be discussed. “Kannada, Karnataka deserves big justice,” he tweeted.


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