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HIV, 216 days in a woman’s body: 30 times mutated virus

New Delhi: A woman infected with HIV has been infected with corona for 216 days in South Africa. During that time, the study revealed that it has undergone 30 transformations.

People suffering from diseases such as HIV and cancer have a very low level of immunity. Infection from their body is not easily cured. For long days, the virus is said to stay in the body.

Experts say they are more likely to die from a corona infection than the average person. Meanwhile, in South Africa, a 36-year-old woman infected with HIV was diagnosed with corona. In his body, he had the corona virus for 216 days. During that time, 30 times, the virus mutated, the study revealed.

Experts are examining whether the virus, which has mutated in the woman’s body, is contagious. In general, patients with HIV are said to be more likely to die when they have a corona infection. In the case of this woman, the mortality rate was lower than expected, the researchers said.

‘Delta’ malice is high!

Matt Hankok, Britain’s health minister in Europe, told reporters that the recent rise in the spread of corona infection in Britain was due to the spread of the ‘delta’ virus. It is contagious, up to 40 percent more common than other types of viruses. Therefore, the decision to announce the first relaxation on the 21st has to be reconsidered.

Most people in the hospital are infected with the ‘delta’ virus and have not even received a single dose of the vaccine. Thus he said.



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